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About me

Hi there, my name is Remi and I'm so very excited for you to be here on my website!

Before you take a look around feel free to check out some super cool (and some possibly boring) facts about me and what I strive to achieve with my work... and hey, even if you'd rather not read all of this, my work should (fingers crossed) speak for itself.


Throughout my life I have been photographed numerous times by many different photographers, and many of which have been my mentors, while others taught me tricks of the trade by observing their process and how they interact with their clients (me).

One of my mentors once told me 'it's important that you take something you love and something you want to do differently from each photographer you work with, take what you need and leave what you don't - create your own business style'.

So now, with over 6 years experience, I have realised what I want from my business - for the main focus to be YOU!

I'm glad and extremely humbled to say that I consider many of my returning clients to be friends. There's no better feeling than having your clients feel comfortable being themselves around you, and if you don't believe that every one of my sessions are filled with laughter and adventure, feel free to check out my testimonials!

You are provided FREE guides which outline the in's-and-out's of your session, and offered a complimentary consultation when you submit a contact form.

Consultations are perhaps my favourite part of the entire process, as it's a great opportunity for us to meet over coffee (or Gin if you'd prefer as my office is located next to a distillery) and get to know one another. More importantly, it's a great chance for me to understand your needs, expectations and, of course, figure out if we are a good fit.

Having your special moments photographed should be just that - special. So I need to make sure I can create that 'special' spark in your images.

My aim is to provide you with a quality experience, where you are given:

- the flexibility to choose from a range of different session types and package options,

- flexible payment options and easily accessible information,

- an online gallery showcasing your images which is entirely customisable,

- provided the option to purchase additional items (prints, albums etc) which are art gallery quality,

ongoing support

and of course, images you'll love.


I want all my clients to know they matter, and that they are being given nothing less than the best. I have taken the time to ensure the experience my clients have, from start to finish, will be immeasurable to any other. 

I can't wait to do the same for you.

Remi x


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Located in VIC, Australia

Available for bookings across Australia & Overseas

Tel: 0419 024 033




by Remi Jordan Photography